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Brand Photoshoot Tips

Here are our top tips when planning a brand photoshoot.

1) Incorporate your brand colours in the background of your images -- think a tea towel, spatula, plates, etc.

2) If you don't have background accessories that match your brand colours, then try to wear clothing that matches those colours. -- If you DO have accessories that match your brand colours, then aim for simple outfits with neutrals, whites or blacks.

3) When thinking of poses, I always recommend creating a brand photoshoot inspo board on Pinterest and pull some poses that you think you'd feel comfortable doing - this will help give your photographer guidance in terms of what angles and shots you'd like to capture and will help you in case you freeze up once the lights and cameras are on you.

4) Assuming that you'll be having a few outfit changes, ask your photographer to take some 'details' shots while you're in between looks. This will provide you with some onboard stock photography that will mesh perfectly with your new images & create a cohesive look on your website, social media feed, or marketing materials.

5) Try to get a variety of shots, including some with you looking at the camera, some with you not looking at the camera, some with your face included, some with only your body / hands included. And aim to get a few 'action shots' of what you might look like performing business tasks, as well as some 'lifestyle' shots that showcase what your downtime looks like and gives a lens into your personality.

In terms of a shot list, we recommend getting at least a few of the following:

- At least 1 or 2 good shots where you are looking at the camera and look happy / approachable -- think of the very first photo on your top hero section of your site + the "about me" section of your website. It'll be good to have a few options with eye-contact.

- A few 'lifestyle' shots of you casually living your life, doing things you normally do like say drinking tea, reading, cuddling your pup, etc.

- A few where you are looking directly at the camera, these can be sassy, smiley, whatever you prefer

- A few where you are not looking at the camera - some of these types of shots you / your face doesn't even have to be in focus

- You typing on your computer (maybe from off to the side or slightly behind you, doesn't necessarily have to have a full frontal face in a pic like this)

- You doing anything else work-related as it applies to clients. People love to see the BTS shots.

- Ask your photographer to take some on-brand stock photography while you're changing looks. The 'details' type photos. These will come in handy in a big way for images to break up all the pics of you + are so great for social content


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