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How to Trim & Cut Videos on YouTube Creator Studio

As soon as you begin sharing repetitive instructions or advice in your business, I ALWAYS recommend saving yourself time and energy and simply recording a video of yourself sharing this valuable information.

Some examples of good videos to record & share are (but aren't limited to) the following:

- Explaining how a certain offering works and what's included in that package

- Onboarding Instructions for New Clients

- Important Notes to remember after your time together (Offboarding Videos for Clients)

- Instructional Videos for New Team Members

Anything that you find yourself repeating more than one time per week - RECORD IT!

But once you do start recording yourself, you'll soon discover that getting it perfect in one shot is nearly impossible. That's where this tutorial comes into play.

My top tip for recording videos is to try to keep it all in one shot. You are definitely going to trip up on your words, mistakes are bound to happen. But what I urge you to do is to refrain from ending or pausing your recording, and instead, just take a breath, and begin again from a few words before you made the mistake.

This will make it super easy to trim your video and cut out those little mistakes and will save you from having 10 versions of a video and trying to splice them all together (nightmare!!).

Here are the steps you'll take:

1) From your YouTube Dashboard, click on "Your Videos"

2) This will bring you to your Channel Content. Click "Create" in the top right-hand corner to upload your video

3) Once your video has been uploaded, click on the video title to open the Video Editor

4) Click "Trim & Cut" and simply start watching your video from beginning to end

5) Each time you come across an error that needs to be cut out, you can click "Split" and drag the blue outlines around until you've cropped out the part of your video you wish to remove. Do this as many times as needed until all of your errors have been cut out of your final video

6) Click "Preview" to watch your video and see if your cuts have been done seamlessly

7) Click "Save" to save your trimmed and polished video


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