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Replacing PDF Forms on Dubsado

Perhaps you have a guide or form that has been created elsewhere, like Canva. You can easily upload any PDF file to send out as a "Questionnaire" even if it's not technically a questionnaire.

**Note all uploads must be under 8MB. We like to use this website to compress PDF files if they are larger than 8MB.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Templates" tab on your left side menu > Select "Forms"

Step 2: Click the upward-facing arrow to upload a new PDF as a form.

**Note: If you are replacing a form that is embedded in one of your workflow, you must upload your new form with a slightly different title, and then access the workflow and replace the old PDF form with the new form.

Once you have replaced the old form with the new form, you may delete the old form from this "Questionnaires" list.


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