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The Best Scheduling Platforms For Small Businesses in 2021

If tasks like scheduling appointments and organizing your calendar are taking a big portion of your time, you need to automate them. 

Fortunately, there are hundreds of tools that can help you with this! You are not alone, technology is by your side.

But you need only to choose one. If you do a quick Google search and type “online scheduling platforms”, you will find SO many options and it might be a little overwhelming – trust us, we did this! 

The good thing is that you have nothing to worry about. We decided to compare the 4 most popular scheduling platforms for small businesses. 

In this blog post, we will show the pros and cons of each tool so you can make an informed decision. 

So let’s do it! Here you have the comparison you need if you are looking to automate this area of your business.

01. Dubsado


  1. This is a tool where you can do more than just schedule meetings because it has many other features. From sending proposals, signing contracts, setting up recurring invoices, plus automated workflows, we’ve yet to find something that Dubsado can’t do! (Safe to say, we’re in love!)

  2. One of the best features is that Dubsado can take your prospective client from a cold lead to an official client without you having to lift a finger!


  1. Dubsado requires a monthly membership where you can pay $35 monthly or $350 annually (click here for a 20% discount code for up to your first year!) 

  2. Because this platform integrates so many moving parts to running a business, it does come with a bit of a learning curve to get all of the benefits from the platform. Thankfully there are lots of online resources available to walk you through step by step. Send us a DM if you’d like to hear about our Dubsado setup packages! 

02. Calendly


  1. If all you need to do is schedule meetings for one business, you can use Calendly for free

  2. Calendly is user friendly and has a really manageable interface that you will love


  1. You don’t have many options to implement the branding of your business into the tool

  2. It only allows you to have one user and one calendar


  1. If all you need to do is schedule meetings for one business, you can use Acuity for free

  2. Acuity can Integrate with Instagram booking functionality


  1. The free plan only allows you to have one user and one calendar

  2. Overall, the functionalities in the free plan are very limited



  1. Both parties have the ability to suggest a time and a place and then vote for the best option

  2. The free plan includes a wide range of features, you can have 1:1 meetings, group meetings, see the availability of your guests, among others


  1. The confirmation screen is not intuitive and thus appointments can be missed

  2. It’s not as automated because you will need to vote and do the same process every time. 

  3. The free plan doesn’t allow you to include your branding into the calendar

Which scheduling platform for small businesses should you choose?

In this post, we decided to give you the pros and cons because we can’t decide for you. That’s something you will need to do because every business is different and has different needs. 

If you are just looking to schedule meetings in the easiest way with a free tool then Calendly is probably one of the best options.

And if your business gets leads from Instagram you know that Acuity is a really good idea. 

But if you are looking for a tool with a wide range of features and options to implement the branding of your business and convert leads into clients on autopilot, we definitely recommend Dubsado.

It all depends on the needs you have at the moment. That’s why our intention here is to share our insight on the top 4 booking platforms that we’ve come across in our experience. 

Running a business can be difficult, but booking calls definitely shouldn’t be!

Need help organizing your back end and setting up automations? We are here for you!


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