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Where to Apply Your New Brand Elements After a Rebrand

You just received your gorgeous new brand designs. Yay! – But wait, now what do you do with them?!

First of all, Congratulations to you! This is a new beginning for your business, and we’re so excited for everything that’s coming your way!

Now that your branding is updated, beautiful, and professional, it’s important for you to start implementing those changes so that your audience can familiarize themselves with your new branding.  

We won’t beat around the bush here, rebranding is a big task.

There are a lot of tiny, discreet places where your brand colours, fonts, and logos are hiding and it’s crucial to hit all of these points to successfully roll out your rebrand and maintain that brand recognition. 

But, you’re in luck – because we’ve got you covered! We’d love to help you identify those small little changes that you are probably not considering in your rebranding strategy.

You can thank us later!

Here’s a list of 6 places you should be refreshing once you’ve up-leveled your brand.  


Email Signature

This one is so important and an easy one to forget. 

And you might be wondering “why is that so important?!!!”  but this is why:

Your customers are going to be aware of your rebranding and it can be confusing for them if they see that your email signature doesn’t match your business style.

Although it may seem small and insignificant, your audience will become aware of your new branding, and it’s important that translates to your email signature as well to avoid confusion.

These potential customers are likely shopping around and maybe speaking to other professionals in your industry.

It’s up to you to make sure your brand recognition is always in check!


Website Header & Footer

Another small but super important detail you need to consider while implementing a business rebranding strategy.

You have part of your business essence in the header and footer. So the messages, colors, and fonts there need to match your entire brand. 


Website Favicon

Definitely, the easiest piece to forget when rebranding your business and your website, but it’s a very important little detail.

Again, your potential client is likely shopping around, meaning if they’re anything like me, they probably have 10+ tabs open at any given time.

So make be sure to draw attention to YOUR tab, and you can do this by updating your favicon to match your current branding. 


Social Media Display Photos

Your new brand needs to be represented EVERYWHERE in social media. Which makes total sense, right?

As your style or perceived value is going to change with your rebrand, the photos you use on social media should match that style.

We’re talking filters, image content, and quality, lighting, etc. 

Maybe you don’t need to apply big changes here and your photos can remain the same, but that is going to depend on which aspects of your brand are changing and how. 


Marketing Materials & Social Content

Kind of obvious, I know. 

We think it’s important to say that every pdf, promotional content, and social media graphic needs to be aligned with your new brand. 

Think freebies, ad campaigns, literally anything that is a touchpoint with your client via social streams. 

Are you incorporating graphic content in your feed? If you’re not, you should definitely start!

Graphic content is a great way to show off your new branding and really pull your feed together while providing valuable information to your audience – building that ‘know, like and trust’!

Thus, be sure to change up your graphic content to match your new colours and fonts. 


Proposals, Invoices & Tangible Collateral

Let’s say that a new client comes to you from your new rebranded website because they’re in love with your services and portfolio. 

They ask for a proposal and ‘womp womp!’ this proposal is totally different from your site and social media. 

That’s going to look weird, and will likely come across as unprofessional – yikes! You don’t want to lose clients over something as simple as this. 

Just think about this… Yes, this client is likely not going to say “Ew, her proposal is different from her site or her favicon is not aligned, I don’t want to work with her”.

Still, this difference is going to be on her subconscious and if she finds another company with a more organized image, they will choose that company. 

Ultimately, you cannot aspire to have a perfect brand or to have everything in order, there will always be changes to do and things to improve.

The most important thing is to pay attention to detail and present an organized brand that represents you in the best possible way.

If by any chance you need help with rebranding your business we are more than happy to help you with the strategy. 


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